Multi-Sensory Experience Lab

The Multi-Sensory Experience Lab consists of three main spaces. The larger space is used for multimodal (audio-visual-haptic) simultions, and contains a motion capture system (16 cameras motion Optitrack system by NaturalPoint), a nVisor SX head mounted display, a 24 channels surround sound system (Dynaudio BM5A), and several devices for haptic feedback. In addition, the lab contains an anechoic chamber and a recording studio.

Location and contact: A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 0 (basement). The Multi-Sensory Experience Lab is directed by Medialogy Professors Stefania Serafin and Rolf Nordahl. For any enquiries, please contact Stefania Serafin,, phone: +45 99402475.