This page provides an overview of the various laboratories that are located at Aalborg University Copenhagen. The different labs have different ways of approaching a collaboration with students, or co-located companies. If you wish to approach a lab to engage in collaboration somehow, please contact the person in charge of the lab. Their contact information can be found respectively on each lab’s page.

MOLSI – Mobile Lab of Sonic Interaction

MOLSI is a capsule laboratory for the design, development, and development of mobile applications. The apps that promote interaction with or through sound are the focus area of MOLSI. The facilities include popular development tools for iOS (Objective-C), Android (Java), and cross-platform (C# with Xamarin), development certificates for on-device evaluation, creative coding platforms such as … Continue reading MOLSI – Mobile Lab of Sonic Interaction

The Game Lab

The Game Lab at Aalborg University, Copenhagen is used for designing, developing and evaluating games and interactive experiences based on game technologies. The Game Lab offers equipment and software, which is useful when implementing and testing games and contains 27″ iMacs and PCs with CryEngine, Unreal and Unity Pro Licenses installed.  There is also access … Continue reading The Game Lab

Electronics / FabLab Workshop

The electronic and fabrication laboratory is a workshop that allows you to build (almost) anything. It includes electronic and prototyping equipment, 3D printing and laser cutting facilities such as: 3D printing using PLA and ABS plastics, including extensions for support materials Laser cutting (Universal Laser PLS-6.150D: 60Watts, max material size 813 x 457 mm) Circuit … Continue reading Electronics / FabLab Workshop

AAU-Cph HumLab

Main facility and group rooms for Students within the Humanistic Faculty. It consists of one large main space with varied furniture and whiteboard walls, six older iMacs for word processing, web browsing and other non-intensive tasks. Furthermore, there is one lounge area, two quiet group rooms and six group rooms/edit suites. The group rooms/edit suites … Continue reading AAU-Cph HumLab

Multifunctional Studio

Currently in development. A space of roughly 8,5 x 5,5x 4 meters (D,W,H) with a small integrated control room. The space is being fitted with Stage-quality black molton cloth and green-screen molton on a dual rail and lighting rig in the ceiling. The control room has a separate entrance and a one-way mirror, making it … Continue reading Multifunctional Studio

Medialogy Lab

The Medialogy Lab is be used for larger setups and for conducting experiments where controlling light conditions can be crucial. It is also frequently used for green screen recordings or photography sessions. It is mostly empty and can be arranged according to the experiments. Tables and wall dividers are available in the room. The lab … Continue reading Medialogy Lab

Multi-Sensory Experience Lab

The Multi-Sensory Experience Lab consists of three main spaces. The larger space is used for multimodal (audio-visual-haptic) simultions, and contains a motion capture system (16 cameras motion Optitrack system by NaturalPoint), a nVisor SX head mounted display, a 24 channels surround sound system (Dynaudio BM5A), and several devices for haptic feedback. In addition, the lab … Continue reading Multi-Sensory Experience Lab

Augmented Cognition Lab

The Augmented Cognition Lab is dedicated to the study of perception, cognition, affective states and aesthetic experience in digital and multimodal media and cognitive technologies.  It is well equipped technologically and methodologically to investigate such processes when experiencing and interacting with complex stimuli and narrative content provided through immersive and representational interactive displays. The lab … Continue reading Augmented Cognition Lab

Danish App Lab

We are happy to announce that you already found us! 🙂 To go to our home page click here. Danish App Lab hosts, facilitates and supports app projects developed among students, researchers, start-ups and companies in an informal experimental setting. Danish App Lab is a playground for app knowledge and development. The lab offers knowledge … Continue reading Danish App Lab