Due to a needed rebuilding of rooms for education at AAU CPH, Danish App Lab as an office space will temporarily be closed.

Danish App Lab will continue in the form of resources for citizens on this website, the community itself and events. We strive to open Danish App Lab as an office space in another location on campus, as soon as possible this year.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but will be looking forward to presenting better opportunities and frames for collaboration in the future. If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to contact Simon Holmen Reventlow Clemmensen on

Do you have an idea for a new, cool app, and do you see the Danish App Lab as your potential environment to work in and be inspired by? Your can apply for a hot-seat in the App Lab as well! The only requirement is that you are working on an app that you believe has potential. Not only the technical development of an application belongs in the App Lab – we host concept development and research on app ideas as well. Sounds interesting?

Student projects developed in direct connection with the studies, research projects carried out by researchers at the university or startup companies with an app idea are all welcome in Danish App Lab. We believe the cross-disciplinary environment is a benefit to the community and its citizens.

ApplyIs this your new hot-seat workstation?

Do you wish to apply?

Then send a short, motivated application to the administrator below in order to be considered for a hot-seat in the Danish App Lab. Your application should as a minimum contain the following:

  • A short description of your app solution or app idea
  • Current status of the development
  • Your team behind the app

After sending this email, we will evaluate your application, and you will receive a mail from us as soon as possible.

Mail your motivated application to the Danish App Lab administrator Simon Holmen Reventlow Clemmensen at